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Kaishi Karate School has classes in Stanmore, Edgware, Finchley, East Finchley and also Friern Barnet. Classes are for children from age 5 and above and adults of all ages.

Karate teaches so much more than self-defence. It teaches discipline, develops confidence and creates balance in mind and body. It’s a great art to introduce to your kids and brings so many benefits.

Here’s what one of our parents said about her son who started training at the age of four.


  • His social skills have improved

  • He introduces himself confidently to new people

  • School work improved

  • Concentration and attention to detail is better

  • His fitness levels are now above the National Curriculum


Karate is great for the whole family …an activity that both parents can enjoy with their kids. And the benefits are huge. For adults it promotes improved health, better concentration, more energy and less stress as well as self-defence skills. For kids it teaches them discipline, focus, self-control and respect.


5.50-6.30 pm Zoom Family Class.

      6.40-7.20 pm Zoom Adult Beginners.


East Finchley Methodist Church

4.10-4.45pm Beginner and Juniors


St Lawrence Church Hall, Little Stanmore.

6.10-6.45 pm Beginner and Junior Kids 4-7 years.      

      7.00-7.50 pm Brown belts. Green Belts and Beginners age 8 +.

8.00-9.00 pm Adults and Teens.


4.20-5.00 pm Zoom Class for Juniors 5-11 years.


Martin Primary School, East Finchley.

6.15-6.50 pm Beginner and Junior Kids 4-7 years.

7.10-8.00 pm Brown belts. Green Belts and Beginners age 8 +.

8.15-9.15 pm Adults and Teens.


St Lawrence Church Hall, Little Stanmore

4.10-4.45 pm Beginner and Junior Kids 4-7 years.

5.00-5.50 pm and 6.15-7.00pm  Brown belts. Green Belts and Beginners age 8 +.


St John C of E Primary School, Friern Barnet. 

9.30-10.15 am Brown belts. Green Belts and Beginners age 8 +.

10.30-11.05 am Beginner and Junior Kids 4-7 years.

11.20-12.00 pm Family Class.


Martin Primary School, East Finchley.

1.10-2.00 pm Brown belts. Green Belts and Beginners age 8 +.

2.15-2.50 pm Beginner and Junior Kids 4-7 years.


John Keble Church, Deansway, Edgware

4.10-4.45 pm Beginner and Junior Kids 4-7 years.

5 pm Squad Training

5.50pm Shodan Ho



Classes are designed to introduce your child to the discipline of karate in a fun and friendly way. Children start in the general Junior classes and work their way up through Advanced classes then Senior classes when they reach Brown belt level. Committment and motivation is needed to reach the higher belt levels.

Kaishi also teaches karate at lunchtime and after school in a number of local schools as well as to a Home school.



Beginners start as white belts. Children who are ready to pass up to the next belt level attend a 'grading' where they are tested. Gradings are held at least three times a year. Technical improvement, behaviour and good attendance all contribute over the course of the term in the belt promotion process.
It is our aim to ensure wherever possible that children are well prepared for any grading tests.
Opportunity is given to discuss progress and how to support your child at home.


A normal class consists of children going through a set of warm up exercises; strengthening, stretching before learning and practising the blocks, kicks, strikes and punching techniques which make up the Goju-ryu karate system.
Games may be included to aid team work, balance, coordination and concentration. Or a story may be told covering martial arts philosophy. Children can work towards earning badges.


Kancho Ishihara 9th Dan Black belt, the headmaster of the World Shoseikan Karate-Do (WSK) is based in Chiba, Japan. Shoseikan branches can be found in Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, India, Dubai and the UK.
Shoseikan Englands' headquarters are in Barnet and Kaishi Karate School is a branch of this organisation. Kaishi Karate is run by Sensei Sheena Amin 3rd Dan (WSK). Sensei Sheena has trained under Shoseikan England's chief instructor, Shihan Steve Duffy 7th Dan (WSK) for over fifteen years as well as also having trained under top Western and Japanese masters in England and Japan. The style of karate taught is Goju-ryu.

Safe Guarding : we take safe guarding very seriously. Sheena Amin (pictured) is our safe guarding/welfare officer. She can be contacted on 0787 550 1674. Safe guarding policies and guidance is routinely sent out as part of our Introductory Welcome pack and is available to all members.


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